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3.6 Complications

Days went by, and it became obvious what Sean wanted of me. I still wouldn’t give into any of his romantic advances, but he made it clear that he expected me to be his personal slave.

It seemed there  was always cooking, or cleaning for me to do, even though he only had a tiny apartment.

After I had been there about a week, I started throwing up

After one bout, I sat down on the toilet, and counted backwards in my head. My period was three weeks late.

That after noon, Sean made another attempt to woo me. Once again I rebuffed him.

“Sean, how many times do I have to tell you that I’m not interested in you that way, and I never will be!” I yelled,recoiling from him.

“Your wrong!” He replied, “you will love me and we will be together!”

“No, Sean,” I said. “I need you to understand that it’s never going to happen between you and me! Please just let me go! I’m pregnant!” I yelled.

Sean suddenly put his hand up to stop me. “Your pregnant?” He asked. “How could you? You stupid little cow!”

Suddenly he reached across the gap between us and slapped me, hard, in the face.

The force of it knocked me backwards, and I sprawled onto the floor. “I trusted you, and you betrayed me!” He said before storming out of the room.

That night, I lay on my small cot and I cried. I missed my family with all my heart, and just wished that I could wake up from this horrible nightmare. And now I was pregnant, and I was so afraid for my unborn child.

A few days later, Sean  brought home a dress for me ‘to hide my shame’ he told me.

Now I was pregnant, Sean treated me worse than he had before.

It was as if he made mess, just so that I had to struggle to clean it up.

At night in my room, I would massage my aching muscles and wish that things were different.

Months passed and I was slowly getting bigger, but the sight of my growing belly just seemed to make Sean angrier.

After six months, I was beginning to really struggle to keep up with the chores that Sean gave me.

All of the bending was really taking it’s toll on me.

One evening, six months after he had abducted me, I suddenly began having terrible pains in my stomach. No, not now! It’s too early, the baby isn’t ready!

I waddled into the Kitchen, and found Sean watching TV. “Sean, you need to take me to hospital, I think the baby’s coming!” I snarled through gritted teeth.

“I don’t believe you,” he said. “This is just some trick so I will let you out!” He yelled, pointing his finger accusingly at me.

“What?” I asked. “Sean, I’m not lying.” I said holding my hands up.

“You are lying to me, like always,” he yelled. “Now get back to work, you filthy little whore!” He screamed at me. Suddenly I felt afraid. Afraid for my unborn child, and for what might happen if I didn’t get away from Sean. Without a second thought I reached out and my hand gripped onto the nearest thing I could find. My fingers latched onto the handle of a nearby frying pan and so I swung it with all my might, hitting Sean across the head with it.

He wasn’t expecting it, and the metal met with his head, knocking him onto the floor, unconscious. Without stopping to thing, I grabbed the keys from his pocket, and hurried towards the door. Unlocking it, I stepped outside into the fresh air.

Suddenly, a searing pain tore across my belly. Stars, and white flashes danced across my vision ans I glanced down, to see red pouring down my legs. I felt the world slide away from me, and then everything went black.



3.5 Trapped

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I was walking through the house a few weeks after the wedding when my mobile started ringing. “Hello,” I said into it

“Hey Poppy it’s me, Sean,” said the voice on the other end.

“Sean, hey, how are you?” I asked him. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Yeah sorry Poppy, I’ve just been really busy lately,” he chuckled into the receiver. “But that’s what I was ringing about, I was wondering if you were busy. Thought we could go out for a drink or something, just as friends.” He added quickly.

I quickly checked my watch ” I’ve got a couple of things to do this afternoon, but I could meet you after that,” I said. “Would that be okay?”

“Yeah, that would be brilliant,” he replied “Shall we meet at about 7 pm?”

“Okay, brilliant, I’ll see you then,” I finished talking to him then hung up and went to start dinner.

A few minutes before seven, I arrived at the bar we had agreed to meet at. I looked around for Sean, and noticed him descending the stairs with a drink in his hand. “Hey,” he said, walking up to me “I got a drink for you,” with that he handed the glass full of red liquid to me.

It was quite warm in the bar so I brought it to my lips and took a long drink from the glass.

We chatted and laughed a little, and I had to admit that I was enjoying myself. Then I began to feel a little strange. My head felt fuzzy, and the music sounded as if it was coming from a long way away.

I turned to Sean to tell him I thought it was best if I went home, then everything went black.

When I awoke, I felt horrible. My mouth was dry and my body felt heavy and I ached all over.

I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange, bare room.

Sitting up, I tried to clear my head and figure out where I was.

Suddenly the door opened, and Sean walked in with a plate in his hand.

Feeling relived I rushed over to him, he bent and placed the plate on the floor before turning back to me smiling. “Sean, where are we?” I asked him. “Whats going on?”

“We’re in your new home,” he said, smiling at me. “I’m so happy you’ve come to live with me.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, beginning to feel confused again.

“You belong here Poppy,” he said earnestly “We love each other and we should be together. Now we can be.”

I felt clarity break through into my mind, and I realised why I felt so fuzzy. Sean had drugged me! “Are you insane?” I asked feeling incredulous. ” I am a married woman, I love Adan and I’m going home to him right now.” As I finished I tried to storm past him, and out of the door.

He held his hands up to block my way “You don’t love Adan,” he said “He’s just brainwashing you, it’s me you really love, and you’ll see that in time.”

“I told you,” I said, trying to remain calm, “I love Adan.” I searched m brain, hurriedly trying to figure out what to do. ” I don’t love you, I never will, and you cant keep me here!”

“LIAR!” He screamed at me. “You do love me, and you’ll stay here until you realise that!”

“Believe me, you don’t want to make me angry,” he spat, so ferociously that I felt myself recoil from him.

“Just calm down Sean,” I said as soothingly as I could manage.

“I am being calm,” he said before turning and walking out of the room.

He shut the door behind him and I heard the lock click. I was trapped.

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3.4 Love is in the air

Adan and I began spending all of our time in each other’s company; sometimes we would spend hours sat outside under the sun just talking, or spending time together.

The first time we made love it was magical. As Adan lowered me onto the bed I stared into his eyes and realised how much he really meant to me.

Afterwards we snuggled in front of the fire and as his lips traced my neck I turned my face slightly towards him and whispered “I love you.”
Pulling me closer Adan  said “I love you too.”

Pansy was quickly moving up through the ranks of the political career and most nights she would be found at the table pouring over case files and law books.

Dad really hadn’t taken mums death well. He seemed to have aged overnight, his hair had gotten more grey and more lines had appeared on his face. His pride in his own appearance had also diminished and he no longer bothered to shave in the mornings. He said he thought his new beard made him look ‘distinguished’

Although he seemed to be taking less and less care of his appearance, the appearance of the house was a different matter. He had always been a very neat person, but with mum gone it seemed to morph into a kind of OCD. He would spend most of his free time scrubbing the floors or anything else he felt wasn’t clean enough.

He has also become kind of obsessive with his cooking. He would spend hours cooking up spectacular meals, and I must admit it pleased me that he was enjoying something.

A year passed without much change. Tulip’s writing career had really taken off so her and Karri moved into a new apartment together. Adan  had moved in with dad, Pansy and me and we all settled into a routine.
One morning me and Adan had decided to go for a run around the lake at the park. The sun was shining and the birds were all chirping in the trees. After a while we both stopped by the lakeside to catch our breath.

Turning round I saw that Adan had stopped and was on one knee. Looking up at me he smiled and said “Poppy Garrett, I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest  of my life with you, Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” He paused and looked up at me.

Without even a moment’s hesitation I screamed “Yes!” and beamed at him as he slipped the ring onto my finger.

I couldn’t believe that I was engaged,  the ring was beautiful, three solitaire diamonds and a twist of gold.

Adan stood up and pulled me towards him wrapping his arms around me “I love you,”  he whispered into my ear.

I still went to the park to play my guitar when I could, mostly after work for a little while.
One evening whilst I was there I noticed a man was walking towards me.

As he reached me he turned towards me,. “Hi, you’re Poppy aren’t you?” He asked. “Poppy Garrett?”

“Yes,” I replied slowly. “Sorry, but do I know you?” I asked, feeling slightly confused.

“Well,” he began “You probably don’t remember me, my name’s Sean. Sean Richardson.” He looked at me as if hoping that his name might trigger a response. When I wasn’t forthcoming with one he continued. “I was on the debate team with you in  school.”

I wracked my brain and then suddenly it came to me. “Wow, Sean yeah I do  remember you now,” I said smiling at him.   “I suppose I have changed a bit since you last saw me,” he said returning my smile. I t was an understatement. The young Sean I had briefly known was short and a little overweight with thick glasses and buck teeth, this Sean was… Well he was kinda hot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               “So what are you doing here?” I asked , “I thought you moved away.”                                                                                                            “I did,” He replied. “ My family moved when I was 15 but we just moved back. I was out for a walk and I recognised you, figured I‘d come say hi.”

“So,” he said, looking into my eyes. “I don’t suppose you’d like to go out some time?”

“Sean, I’m sorry but I’m engaged,” I said feeling awkward

“Hey no worries,” he replied still smiling. “Maybe we could go out as friends some time?”
“Yeah, sure.” I said “That sounds nice.”

“Well anyway, I ‘d better be going, but we should definitely hang out soon.”
“Sounds great” I said. As I watched him walk away I couldn’t help but see the similarity between this meeting and  the time me and Adan met in the park.

Adan and I set a date for the wedding in six months’ time. I immediately set about planning it and Pansy, as my bridesmaid was more than happy to help. We would spend hours pouring over bridal magazines, ringing venues and deciding colour schemes.

One morning about a week later I popped to the supermarket to pick up some things for dinner, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed a familiar face.

“Hey Sean,” I said, smiling. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I’m just picking up some breakfast,” he said laughing. “What else would I be doing at the shop?”

I kept getting this funny feeling. Since that day it seemed like wherever I went Sean would somehow turn up. At the library.

At the consignment store, and, it seemed, everywhere I went. He was always lovely when I saw him, and with all the plans for the upcoming wedding, I pushed it to the back of my mind.

The day of the wedding soon arrived and as I sat putting the finishing touches to my hair I found myself thinking about my mother. The night she died I had been sat in this same spot getting ready for my date with Adan. I really wished she was here.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Our family and friends gathered round as Adan slipped a simple wedding  band onto my finger.

I took his ring and fitted it onto his finger in return.

We sealed our marriage with a kiss as our family looked on and cheered us.

As Adan and I pulled apart I stared lovingly into the eyes of my new husband. Then I noticed another guest had arrived.

I walked over to him and smiled. “Sean, what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Well I knew  you were getting married today, so I thought I I’d pop by and give you my congratulations.” He said smiling widely.

At that moment Adan shouted that the photographers were ready so I thanked Sean and politely made my exit. As I walked away I couldn’t help but feel a little unsettled.

The wedding party went on for hours and we partied, danced and laughed well into the night.

For day after the wedding, wherever I went I kept getting this strange feeling like I was being watched, but whenever I looked over my shoulder there was no one there

Even still I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched.

3.3 A Shadow on the Horizon


Now that I was a mother I decided it was time to update, and tone down my outfit. I settled on a more mature look, and shorter, more natural looking hair..

I’d had a phone call from my Publisher asking me to attend a book signing at one of the new clubs in town. After my signing session I headed upstairs to the private bar and ordered myself a drink. Just then my phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked, flipping my phone open and holding it close to my face.

“It’s Thomas,” replied the voice. “You’re mother’s had a heart attack, she’s been  rushed to hospital.”

“Oh my God!” I replied “I’ll be right there.” I finished closing my phone and rushing towards the door.

As I walked up to Thomas I noticed the look on his face, “What is it?” I asked. “How is she?”

Thomas seemed to struggle for a second, not knowing what to say. “Tell me,” I begged leaning towards him and looking him in the eye.

“She’s gone,” he whimpered throwing himself into my arms.

As I held him, Pansy and Poppy emerged from the hospital doors, and I noticed Pansy was holding my daughter.

I pulled Thomas back from me slightly and looked at him. “We’ll get through this,” I promised, fighting to hold on to my own emotions.

Releasing Thomas I walked towards Pansy and took my daughter off her holding her close and smelling her soft baby smell, just holding her was comforting.

Poppy:  4 Hours earlier

I stared at my reflection in my mirror and put the last finishing touches on  my make up. Adan and I were meeting at the little Bistro in half an Hour and I was just about ready to leave.

Suddenly my bedroom door was thrown open and Pansy rushed in, in tears. “Pan, what’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“Pan, what’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“It’s Mum,” she sobbed, falling into my arms.

It took me a few minutes to  calm her down enough to allow me to understand anything she said. Eventually she pulled away from me and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. “Mum’s had a heart attack,” She sniffed, continuing to wipe her eyes. “She was at a clients house working on a makeover for them when she had a sudden pain in her chest and collapsed.”

“Where’s Dad?” I asked.

“He’s on his way to the hospital,” she stuttered. “He rang home on the way there.”

“Come on then,” I said.” We’d better go.” With that we left the room and made our way to the car. My date with Adan had been completely forgotten.

Poppy: 4 Hours later

As Pansy and I walked out of the door I felt as if my body and my mind were no longer connected. I felt as if I couldn’t comprehend my life without my mother. As this thought formed in my mind I felt my legs give way beneath me and I sank to the floor unable to control the sobs that wracked my body.

The next few days passed in a kind of blur as arrangements were made for Mum’s funeral. She was now a famous and respected Fashion Phenomenon and so her Death had been widely publicised. However we ensured that her funeral was a private family gathering.

To commemorate mum, we put an iron arch, decorated with flowers, behind her grave.

The day after the funeral was Pansy and my own birthday. None of us really felt like a big get together so we just had a quiet dinner. I developed the Handy trait and realised that I wanted to be a Rock Star.

Pansy developed the Insane Trait and realised she wanted to become Leader of the Free World. She immediately got a job at City Hall as a Podium Polisher.

The next day I drove into town and got a job at the Theatre, on the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about Adan. I hadn’t managed to call the Bistro the night mum had gone to hospital so I’d effectively just stood him up. Then I’d completely forgotten about it what with arranging the funeral and since I ‘d aged up I hadn’t been back to school. I didn’t even have his number.

That evening I was loading the dinner dishes into the dishwasher when there was a knock at the front door. I heard someone moving towards it so I continued what I was doing. After a few second of muffle voices I heard Tulip call, “Poppy, it’s for you!” So I closed the dishwasher and headed out of the kitchen. I was stopped in my tracks by Adan stood in the hall.

“Hi Poppy,” he said smiling “You look great.”

“You too,” I relied, returning his smile. And I wasn’t lying. He’d aged up recently too and his hair had grown into an adorable floppy fringe. His eyes were still exactly the same gorgeous shade of Blue Green.

“I’m sorry I stood you up,” I said looking across at him. “I-”

“I know about your mother Poppy,” he said cutting across me. “And I’m so sorry. I meant to come over sooner, but I didn’t know what to say. Or even if you wanted to see me right now.”

“Of course I wanted to see you.” I said smiling at him ” I just thought you’d be angry at me because I stood you up.”

We both started laughing. ” So we’ve both been avoiding the other because we both thought they wouldn’t want to see us?” I asked laughing.

“It seems that way,” Adan said laughing along with me.

“Come on,” I said, grabbing him by the hand.

“What are we doing here?” Asked Adan as we came to the bottom of the basement stairs,

“Follow me,” I giggled pulling him around the corner. I headed towards the cupboards next to our pool and took out a swimming costume for me and a pair of swimming shorts for Adan. “See you in a few,” I said throwing him the shorts and heading to one of the bathrooms.

When I came back out I saw Adan was already swimming around and I happily watched his muscles propel him through the water, before sliding in aswell.

“Hey,” he said swimming towards me. “You took ages to come out, I thought I was gonna be all shriveled up!” And with that he promptly splashed water in my face.

“Hey!” I spluttered, promptly splashing him back and heading towards the edge to grab a towel.

I pulled myself up on the edge and headed towards a cupboard to get a towel then I heard splashes as Adan made his own way towards the edge.

I looked down as he pulled himself out and dried his face on the towel I handed him.

He stepped towards me and grasped my hand in his, pulling me towards him and into a hug in one smooth movement,

I hugged him back and breathed in his smell, he smelt like spices and smoke.

After a few minutes of hugging, we eventually began to slowly separate. When our faces were only inches apart our eyes locked on one-anothers and the world seemed to freeze around us. Nothing else existed in that moment.


Ever so slowly, he closed the distance between us and pressed his lips to mine.

3.2 Living New Lives

As I sat doing my English homework I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering. Ever since I had been told I was the new heir I hadn’t been able to stop worrying. What if I was a failure? What if I never got married, or had kids, and the line ended because of me? What if… STOP IT! I told myself for the millionth time in the last few months. I knew I needed to stop freaking myself, but I couldn’t seem to help it. I was just so worried I was going to let everyone down.

Sighing, I put my homework away and vowed to do it later.

I made my way to the music room and sat down heavily at our grand piano. Lately, when I needed to think I found it increasingly easier to lose myself, and my troubled thoughts in music.

Enjoying the calming effect of the music, but disliking the feeling of being stuck in the house I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed my guitar and headed for the park.

I arrived and immediately set myself up by the fountain. No one was about, so I just randomly played snatches of music that floated through my head.

After a while  I felt free of my worries for the time being and so set my guitar down on a bench and decided to take a stroll in the park.

I was strolling aimlessly amongst the trees feeling the sunlight hit my face, when I noticed some ladybirds scuttling along the ground. Dropping into a crouch I gingerly  scooped one onto my palm.

As I was studying it I felt a slight presence behind me so I glanced over my shoulder as I stood, and greeted a gorgeous guy with beautiful blue-green eyes. I  quickly turned away from him and placed the ladybird on the ground.

As I straightened again I noticed out of the corner of my eyes that he was walking towards me. He stopped when he reached me and smiled, “Hi, you’re Poppy, right?” he asked

“Yeah,” I replied, turning to face him.

“I’m Adan Zepeda,” he said. ” I heard you playing guitar earlier, you know you’re pretty good.” He finished and flashed me a beaming smile.

“Thanks,” I said, then immediately realised what a pathetic response it was and so I hurriedly searched for something cool to say to this gorgeous guy. “So do you play guitar?” I asked him.

“Not really,” he replied “I’m more of a listening to music kinda guy.” He then began chuckling “well that is, if I want to hear music that is half decent, which yours is.”

“You can’t be that bad,” I said laughing along with him, and then blushing as I hastily mumbled something that sounded a bit like “thank you.”

“Oh, I really am,” he began saying, before being cut off by his phone ringing.

He spoke for a few seconds before hanging up and turning once more to face me. “Sorry I gotta go,” he said “But we could hang out some time if you want?” He asked, smiling.

“Sure,” I replied. “That sounds awesome.” So we exchanged phone numbers.

“See you at school,” He yelled over his shoulder as he walked away.

All the way home all I could think about was Adan and his gorgeous eyes. I wanted to ring him just to hear his voice but I figured that ringing him so soon after we saw each other would seem a bit desperate, so I resisted.

Walking through the front door I didn’t see anyone but I heard the low sounds of Pansy’s music coming from her bedroom. As I made my way to the kitchen to fix myself some lunch when I heard a strange sound coming from the study. I walked towards it and heard it again, but this time it was louder.

I walked through the door to find Tulip stooped over by the desk, holding her swollen stomach and breathing heavily. “Oh my god! Tulip, is the baby coming?” I gasped in panic.

“I think so,” she managed to reply between breaths.

Okay you just hold on and I’ll go and ring you an ambulance, and then call mum for you.

“NO!” She practically screamed at me. “Please, don’t leave me on my own.”

“Okay honey don’t panic I’m not gonna leave you on you own.” I soothed her, trying desperately to try and think of something.

“PANSY!” I yelled out through the doorway.

“Yeah?” Came the reply from my twin.

“Quick, Tulip’s gone into labour, call an ambulance, and then call mum.” I shouted before turning my attention back to my older sister.

Looking over at her, I thought to myself, I really hope they hurry.

The Ambulance got there just as the baby was crowning, and helped Tulip through the last stage, Mum arrived home just in time to see the birth, and she couldn’t hide her joy at her newborn grandchild.

Tulip gave birth to a little girl who she named Karri who was born Absent Minded and Disciplined

Karri was a very happy little girl and loved playing with her toy box.

Tulip is an awesome mother, she manages to balance her career working on her novels from home whilst Karri naps.

But she also spends a lot of time with her daughter, taking her to the park.

Teaching her to walk.

And just generally giving her a lot of love and attention.

A few days after Karri was born I was making myself some supper when my mobile started ringing.

“Hello?” I said into the handset

“Hi is this Poppy?” said a male voice on the other end.

“It is,” I replied. “Who’s speaking please?”

“It’s Adan,” replied the voice. “I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow night?”

“Sure I would,” I relied smiling. Things were definitely starting to look up

The holiday was wonderful, three weeks of relaxing and soaking in the culture. Eventually though, it was time to leave.

Arriving back in Twinbrook was kind of welcome, everyone was looking forward to getting home and relaxing after the long days travel. Sat in the front of the minibus with Tom I turned around and looked at my family. Holly was leaning against the window with her nose in her newest book; some scientific journal she had purchased in China. Opposite her Tulip was almost a perfect reflection of her. She was also busily reading her newest purchase, however her’s was the latest copy of her favorite fashion magazine. Poppy, was bobbing her head in time with the music that was emanating from her headphones and Pansy was just looking out the window and watching the scenery pass by.

I finally turned and looked at my oldest child, and only son. Briar had his phone in his lap and was hurriedly tapping away, no doubt texting sunny as he had been doing all the time whilst we were away. “Everyone” I began smiling at them all. Pansy tapped Poppy on the shoulder to bring her out of her Music daze and suddenly I had the rapt attention of the group.

“Remember before we went on holiday I said that there would be another surprise when we got back?” Everyone nodded their heads emphatically so I continued. “Well, Tom and I decided that the house and grounds could do with… revamping. So…” It was at that moment that we rounded the corner towards our new house, and I watched as they gaped in amazement at out new home.

As soon as the car pulled up outside all of the kids rushed out of the car and straight into the house to look around. I thanked the driver and got out, instantly clasping hand with Tom.

After unpacking and putting laundry on, I wandered into our new living room and saw that Tom was reclining on the new settee. I sat down next to him and let my mind drift as I stared absently out of the window.

“Ray, what’s bothering you honey?” Tom asked gently, leaning forward.

“It’s just…” I paused, not knowing  exactly what to say. “The kids… they’re… well they’re not kids anymore. I mean I knew they were gonna grow up, but now they’re all of an age where I have to pick the heir or heiress… and I have no idea what I’m going to do” I finished exasperatedly.”Plus, Holly can’t even be considered as heir since she’s not biologically my daughter, and I worried she’ll see this as another rejection.”

“Ray, you’re right. The kids aren’t kids any more, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need you, or are gonna stop needing you any time in the near future”. Tom said, smiling up at me. “And as for choosing who the heir is gonna be, I trust your judgement, so do the kids, and so should you,” he finished. “Holly will understand, she loves you.”

I looked up at my husband, the man I loved, and smiled. “See this is why I keep you around,” I joked to him, smiling.

“Yeah I had a suspicion,” He chuckled, pulling me towards him and planting a kiss on the end of my nose.

I left the living room and went out into the garden, hoping that it would help me think.

Sitting on our new bench by our new pond, I considered each of my children. The cool breeze and relaxing sound of softly moving water calmed my nerves and helped clear my mind.

Suddenly, it came to me: I knew who the heir should be. Now I just had to tell everyone. But first I needed to speak to Holly.

I was brought back to the real world by a noise behind me, I turned to see Holly in the garden we had built adjoining the house. Ah well I thought There’s no time like the present I guess, and with that I made my way towards her.

As I got close to her she turned around, smiling. “Hey Aunt Ray”.  I was suddenly feeling nervous, and it much have been apparent because her face was suddenly full of concern.

“Is something wrong?” She asked gently stepping towards me. I took a deep breath and began “Nothing wrong, honey, not really. You were really little when your grandmother died but I’ve told you the story of how she came here right?” I asked. She nodded so I continued.

“Well when all of us kids were old enough she chose which one of us was going to be the heir, and it was me . Well now it’s my turn… but…” I paused not sure how to word what I needed to say. “The thing is that the next heir has to be mine… mine biologically… and”

Holly cut in;  ” And I’m not your’s biologically.” she finished for me.

“Well yes..” I began. “But… ” I was cut off again by Holly.

“Aunt Ray, you are my mother as far as I’m concerned, and that’s all I need.” She said smiling at me. ” I knew I was never going to be heir, and that’s never bothered me. I was just happy to have you.”

I couldn’t say anything, I just reached out and enveloped her in a hug whispering “I’m proud to call you my daughter honey.”

“And I’m proud to call you Mum if that’s okay?” She asked

“It’s more than okay, It’s wonderful.” I said smiling

I decided to cook a family dinner and announce my decision afterwards, as I was on my way to the kitchen I saw Tulip walking towards me looking like she had something on her mind.

“You alright darling?” I asked “You look a little under the weather.”

“Well, I’m okay.” She began. “I’ve just been feeling a little nauseous lately,” she paused as if she were thinking.

“It might be some bug, or maybe you ate something that didn’t agree with you?! I suggested.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out.

“Pregnant?” I asked, shocked “But how? Well I mean I know how, but when? Who?”

“Well I know when, it was when we were on holiday. As for who…” She trailed off looking awkward.

“Yes?” I asked

“Well, it’s complicated. You see while we were away there were a few guys, and – ”

“Wait a sec,” I said holding up my hand and cutting her off. “A few guys? How many are we talking here?” Tulip looked awkwardly from one side to the other.

“Well I don’t know exactly….”

“Tulip how could you be so stupid?” I asked feeling my voice raise. “You’re a smart girl, you know how these things happen, and I expected better of you”

“You expected better of me?” She said with an edge in her voice. “Oh, well I’m so sorry I wasn’t what you expected,” She almost spat the last word and I felt taken aback by the venom in her voice. “I’m sorry I wasn’t perfect, and don’t worry I wasn’t asking for any thing me and this child will manage with or without you.” She turned slightly as if to leave .

“Wait,” I said.”Tulip, honey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that like it came out. It was just unexpected is all.” I said smiling gently at her. “But I’m her for you, whatever help you need, okay?”

Tulip was true to her word. That afternoon she applied online as a self employed writer, and began her first book right away.

That evening after dinner I stood up and addressed my family. I had already told Tom who I thought should be heir, now I just had to tell everyone else. “As you all know one of you has to be named as my heir and continue the Legacy that my your grandmother began.” I said looking around at them. “After thinking long and hard about this, I have decided that the heir will be… Poppy” I finished and waited for their responses.


When mum announced my name I was speechless, I figured she would pick one of the older two. After congratulations from Holly and Briar who then excused themselves, I was being hugged on both sided by my parents.

Then Tulip approached me and I was momentarily worried that she had wanted to be heir. But then I noticed that she was smiling at me. “Congrats little sis,” she said “You’ll be awesome!”

“Thanks Tulip, that means a lot,” I said, looking down and not knowing what to say. She gave me a quick hug then went off to continue writing her book.

As Tulip left I searched the room for my twin, and found her standing looking out of the window.

I approached her slowly, suddenly worried again. What if she resented me? I tried to push that thought aside as I stopped next to her. “Pan, you okay?” I asked her.

She turned around and her face was warm and inviting, “I’m fine,” she smiled. “Just waiting to congratulate you. So, congratulations.” She finished still beaming at me.

My face must have looked unsure, because Pansy instantly gathered me into a hug. “I’m really happy for you, and I’m sure you’ll be wonderful!”

After releasing me from the hug and I was left alone.

I was the new heir, and I was really rather excited about it.